Welcome to Poshan Fitness

Poshan Fitness aims to help you improve health, fitness and parameters like  Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar , Hormone levels which results in Fat loss.

The word ‘Poshan’ in Sanskrit means Nourishment.

As our name suggests, our focus is not only making sure you meet your objective, but also ensuring you do it the right way so that your body gets the necessary Poshan.

The two critical factors that need Poshan to become and remain healthy are

  • What we put into our mouth and mind
  • Our Activity levels/ Exercise

At Poshan Fitness , we enable you to acheive this by helping you listen to your Body and Soul ensuring you Nourish and Nurture them well.

Glad to have the most disciplined, knowledgeable and determined person as my personal trainer. Sessions with her are results oriented and the diet plans / exercise schedule can easily fit in my daily regime.”

Sateesh Velaga, Manager- Charles Schwab, Texas.

“A very friendly ,Passionate consultant I have ever seen . Thanks Pavithra for the support you are giving to achieve my goal!”

Satish Chowdhary, IT PRofessional, Minneapolis