Welcome to Poshan Fitness

Poshan Fitness aims to help you improve health, fitness and parameters like  Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar , Hormone levels which results in Fat loss.

The word ‘Poshan’ in Sanskrit means Nourishment.

As our name suggests, our focus is not only making sure you meet your objective, but also ensuring you do it the right way so that your body gets the necessary Poshan.

The two critical factors that need Poshan to become and remain healthy are

  • What we put into our mouth and mind
  • Our Activity levels/ Exercise

At Poshan Fitness , we enable you to acheive this by helping you listen to your Body and Soul ensuring you Nourish and Nurture them well.

I want to share my wonderful experience after 8 weeks of Wellness program. I have resumed my Suryanamaskar, Yoga and a few more new exercises. Also, the food regulations, especially mindful eating and portion control have worked wonders for me. Now I am more Energetic, Healthier, Thinner, Lighter and Happier. I am very happy to do continue the discipline, which has given me hope of a healthier life. I will be posting at regular intervals my experience. I am also sharing my experience with my near and dear ones. I am thankful to my coach for all the training.

T P Chandra Choodamani(Age 62) – Mumbai

“Pavithra has been changing lives actively throughout the years one meal at a time, including MINE. If you want a committed, compassionate, and knowledgeable partner in nutrition, she is it!
She is a great nutritionist who really helped me out by picking a good nutrition plan for me. And specifically I was looking for an approach for my pregnancy. I have hired her during first month of my pregnancy. Pavithra’s approach was comprehensive and tailored to my needs, simple and effective.
Beyond this, she has the most loving, positive energy! I have been telling all of my friends about her. So grateful to Pavithra for her guidance and for helping improve my life in small ways, that transfer to big payoffs.”

Shruti Dondula, Mom-to-be, Florida