Banana Leaf – The ancient, Multipurpose, GREEN Solution


No festival or special occasion in an Indian household is complete without a meal in the banana leaf. There are dishes, like Elayada, Kadabu/Kottika etc that are cooked in banana leaf. It is also used in the preparation of items like Akki Roti and Vada.  It definitely gives a special flavour to the dish. But what else do we know about it?

Eating a fresh hot meal served in banana leaf gives you not only all the chlorophyll ,phytochemicals and phytonutrients , but also helps in insulin secretion and curing peptic ulcers. It helps in reducing the glucose levels and lipid levels in the blood. In simple words ‘antidiabetic’ , ‘fat burning’  and also serves as a natural ‘anti ageing’ product for your whole body , unlike the face creams . So the next time you have a feast in banana leaf, enjoy your meal whole heartedly.

Wrap your food in this when you travel instead of cling wrap or aluminium foil not just because it retains the freshness and nutrients, but also it is ‘BPA free’ , ‘Eco friendly’ and ‘Sustainable’. 🙂

This is the first in a Trilogy series on the varied use of the Banana tree. Uses / Benefits of the Stem and Flower will be covered in subsequent blogs.

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