Banana Flower- The blossom of health

Most of us would have seen this flower, but not all know that it is edible and highly nutritious.

Yes, you can forego your multivitamin pill for a few days and have this instead. It has vitamins, proteins, flavonoids (“Natural Antioxidants”) and Iron.

It has traditionally been used and known for:

  • Cleansing GI tract due to the ‘antifungal’ and ‘antimicrobial’ properties

  • Preventing constipation because of its high fibre content

  • Fertility and other hormonal issues (menopausal bleeding, cramps during periods, PCOD etc.)

Banana blossom is a must for those who have PCOS/PCOD, thyroid and hormonal problems, constipation and bloating.

Eating this blossom is good for the environment as this would be discarded otherwise. This is also easy on the pocket as it wont cost anywhere near a hormonal therapy or fertility/PCOD treatment. It has anti-Cancer properties and is very effective in treating infantile malnutrition, weak bodies and peptic ulcer.

In China, it is used in medicines to treat bronchitis/asthma, heart pain and diabetes. In India it is used to make healthy and tasty dishes like ‘usili/poriyal’, ‘vada’, ‘thoran’, ‘Mochar Ghonto’ and other curries. I agree it is a little hard work to clean up the flowers and cook it. But it’s definitely worth it.

Have you ever eaten this? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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