Hibiscus tea – Your cup of health

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The most effective and safest way to reduce your blood pressure in those who have hypertension and heart ailments is hibiscus tea.

Why would you drink wine for heart health and anti-oxidants, which also contains alcohol and added sugar when a healthy natural drink like this is easily available?

Unlike most BP tablets that affect your memory, liver and kidney, this doesn’t. It’s great for those who have high LDL and currently take statin drugs. Not to mention about the side effects of statin drugs and its efficiency.

This need not be necessarily had only by those who have these diseases. This tea also gives you glowing hydrated skin and hair. Hibiscus flower has always been one of the main ingredients in any Ayurvedic hair oil or tonic.

People in India and other countries in the east used to consume this tea  long before cosmetics, hair dyes and conditioners came into existence. 

Hibiscus leaves are still used instead of shampoo, in many parts of India.

Recipe for Hibiscus Tea

1 Cup of water 

2-3 fresh/dry hibiscus flowers (Preferably red)

A spoon of lemon juice (for taste and to highlight the bright red colour)

A few spoons of honey/sugar

Boil the water for a few min and throw in the red petals and turn off the stove. The red petals will soon turn pale and then white. Filter the mixture and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and mix a spoon of honey/cane sugar( Make sure honey is not added when the mixture is hot). The tea will taste similar to a diluted cranberry juice.

Continue this for a few weeks and notice the difference yourself.

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