1. I have tried many other diets. How is this different?
    At Poshan fitness, we do not believe in restricted diets. We like to call it a lifestyle change, as one needs to be healthy through out and not just during the time they follow a diet.

  2. How does the 8 weeks for fatloss program work?
    The initial consultation  will assess your current lifestyle and guide you on how to reach your goal. The assessments and sessions can be done either online or in person.

  3. What can I expect from these programs?
    Personalised meal and workout plans, nutrition guidance, educating about your body and how to listen & understand what your body is trying to tell you.

  4. How long should I follow this diet plan?
    Though the programs say 8 or 16 weeks, the diet plans are sustainable and are holistic lifestyle changes. Hence these can be followed as long as you wish to lead a healthy life.

  5. What is meant by lifestyle modification?
    Changing your eating habits and activities for a lifetime , so you stay healthy through out the life is called lifestyle modification.

  6. What if I am not able to visit your office?
    We consult/conduct sessions and programs online via Skype/Whatsapp.

  7. Is there any guarantee that I will lose weight if I follow your program?
    Weight loss is a result of various lifestyle changes. As long as the actions are done correctly, results will follow.

  8. My child doesn’t eat or sleep well and gets quite cranky. How can the Healthy Child program work for him/her?
    Healthy Child program improves the physical and mental health of the child by changing not just what they eat, but also their routine and activities to maximise their potential.

  9. Can I follow your diet even if I don’t like to eat just salads, soups and juices?
    Totally yes. A person’s diet should be determined by his/her age, culture , season, climatic and geographical conditions and food likes/dislikes.  Learn more about it here. Eating in sync with the nature around , one’s body will learn to repair itself.

  10. Should I workout during pregnancy? Is it safe?
    Yes, you should workout during pregnancy and it is safe, unless your doctor has advised against it. Working out during pregnancy has several benefits including but not limited to losing weight quickly post delivery, healthy and leaner babies, better flexibility and strength, reduced risk of gestational diabetes etc.