Pregnancy and Motherhood are always special for women and needs to be enjoyed.

FITPREGNANCY makes it even more special by educating the new & to-be moms about how to be fit and healthy through out the pregnancy and post delivery.

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The diet and workout plans suggested will ensure all the nutrients necessary for the Poshan/nourishment of both baby and mom are received. When the mom’s body is well nourished during pregnancy, losing weight,lactating and recovering post delivery becomes very easy.

What to expect in the FITPREGNANCY program?

  • Diet chart –  for each trimester with follow-up calls every month
  • Workout chart – by the trimester
  • Post delivery Diet chart – that ensures recovery ,fat burn , breast milk for the new mom and immunity for the new-born.
  • Post delivery Workout chart – that help the new mom regain flexibility, core strength and fit body.

The diet chart and workout charts are personalised according to the mom’s lifestyle, fitness levels and nutritional status. Also are included home remedies and lifestyle changes for the common pregnancy problems and issues like nausea, acidity, sleeplessness, cravings, gestational diabetes and edema(swollen legs).

All sessions/calls are also done via Whatsapp/Skype.

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