Thyroid Challenge

Hypothyroidism does not just affect the thyroid gland, but the whole body.

Hypothyroidism is not a disease, but a condition where your thyroid is not able to produce enough thyroid hormones, which might be due to several underlying conditions/triggers like iodine deficiency, high stress, inactivity, environmental toxins, poor sleep , nutrient deficiency and poor gut health. It can be reversed once these triggers and factors cease to exist.

The 16 week program which is designed to challenge Hypothyroidism involve changing lifestyle, activity and diet , which also happen to be the main reason for this condition. Changes in diet, activity and lifestyle always have a great positive effect on anyone including but not just limited to improved metabolism, weight loss, fat loss, regular periods and optimal hormone levels.

Heal your gut and thyroid with our thyroid challenge program.

1Personalised Meal Plan
2Smart Workout plan to increase metabolism and fat burn
3Clean cooking session – To reduce toxins that enter our body
4Rituals and daily habits to improve Hormonal harmony
5Improving gut health and reducing inflammation.
6Seasonal eating : what to eat according to each season
7Optimizing Lifestyle Factors to burn more fat

The 16 week program has bi-weekly sessions on topics mentioned above which will help you lead a healthy and vibrant life , reverse all diseases leading to harmony and happiness in your body and soul.

The weekly follow-up calls will have discussion on limiting factor of the previous session and week, how well was it carried off and resolve any difficulties faced.

Apart from this, every week will have a healthy habit to follow that will act as a bridge between you and a happy healthy active self.

All sessions/calls are also done via Whatsapp/Skype/facetime.

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