Pirandai – The adamant creeper



 Pirandai,  a creeper plant,  might still be growing somewhere in your backyard. The stem of this plant is used to make many delicious food items like chutneys and papad/vadam (made in Palghat, my home town) .

The Sanskrit name(connecting bones) and the shape of this plant gives us an idea of the primary use of this plant. It is used in traditional medicine system like Ayurveda, Siddha  to treat bone related issues like fractures, sprain, osteoarthritis etc.

 Some of the many reasons why you should include this in your food are:

  • Enhances calcium absorption – essential for those with weak bones, osteoporosis, low bone density.

  • Heals your Gut– Eases digestive issues for those who have acidity, bloating, constipation, peptic ulcers, and piles

  • Improves insulin sensitivity – must have for those who have thyroid issues , Diabetes and Fatty liver.

  • Strengthens uterus– must-food for those have PCOS, irregular periods, Painful periods and PMS

  • Improves skin texture – Reduces wrinkles and stretch marks as it is a good source of collagen.

 Its nutritive value and health benefits can be enhanced by roasting it’s stem in ghee or sesame oil.

It  can be tagged  as ‘local & organic’, ‘garden fresh’, ‘easy-care’ and ‘pocket friendly’ as It is cheap to buy, grows easily without the use of chemicals and doesn’t need too much space.

Let’s not fall into the trap of thinking ‘only expensive things are healthy’.  Start eating this even before Western world recognizes or markets this as a superfood.

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