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The sour truth about Red wine and other drinks

It’s the year end, time to party and celebrate the year and the moments that passed by.

Most of us do not celebrate without alcohol or the more superior ‘Red wine’. Most people justify having wine over traditional alcoholic drinks saying  that it has anti aging, anti oxidant rich, heart healthy properties.

Is Red wine really worth that hype? Probably most of us don’t know that it was stripped off all those ‘health-benefit’ tags several years ago. May be the spirit industry doesn’t want you to know. The component in red wine ‘resveratrol’, is attributed to all the health benefits associated with wine. Unfortunately, the amount of resveratrol in wine is so minimal, that in order to get all the health benefits mentioned in the earlier studies, you must drink it endlessly (at least 100 bottles a day)

However, wine also contains alcohol, which is a known carcinogen (causes Cancer). Not only will it start damaging your liver, but also your pancreas, heart, brain and kidney. Awaiting you will be a host of diseases such a liver cirrhosis, heart problems, diabetes and kidney failure. The effects of alcohol on women body are worse than that on men as it hinders hormonal balance, worsens PMS, PCOS symptoms and causes fat gain.

 Any amount of alcohol is bad for your liver and other organs in your body. Even though it may not affect you in one day, your liver will give up when the toxicity goes up beyond a limit.

The above-mentioned resveratrol and other flavonoids in wine are also present in peanuts, pistachio, Jamun/jambola and other small berries like wonderberry apart from grapes.  Anti-oxidants and flavonoids can also be found in most plants and fruits. This will also ensure you get the desired benefits without the carcinogens.

Instead of going on a detox diet post new year party, prevent those toxins entering your body in the first place. Think about the potential consequences before you decide to drink.

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