Banana stem- The real detox food

Yes, you heard it right.

Here comes the detox food that people used for generations. The ‘tube light’ kind of stem that looks white and thin is loaded with nutrients and has antimicrobial properties.  The high fibre content is beneficial for people who feel bloated / constipated or have high cholesterol ,high BP and diabetes.

This has traditionally been used for those who have kidney / gall bladder stones. It also has proven wound healing properties.

This stem has the power to clean up the toxins in your liver and the whole GI tract, which will leave your skin glowing , acne free and boosts your digestive power & immunity.

So the next time you to detox your body as well as ease up your budget, go for the ‘vazhathandu / unnithandu / vazhapindi/plantain stem’. Cook according to your traditional cuisine, that will suit your palette. And yes you need to eat it, not just juice it and drink it.

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Have you eaten this before?